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In my recent past I was a consultant, researcher and adviser on leadership, partnership and commissioning in public (mostly local government) services. You will find more information about that elsewhere on this site if you are really interested. These days however I spend most of my days on three things: social housing, credit unions and establishing a new cooperative in Wales. They are actually closely related and all about building a more inclusive and supportive society.

With interests like this you will not be all that surprised to learn that I also have quite strong political views as well. I consider the current economic trajectory as deeply, deeply wrong: it is destroying the very fabric of our society in the name of inchoate dogma. Perhaps they don't understand the damage they are doing but I find it very difficult to believe that anyone can be quite that stupid.

You will find links on the rest of this page. Some will be to things I have produced, some to ideas I have found interesting and informative. I will endeavour to keep it fresh, interesting and current - but you know how it is!

The Entrepreneurs Cooperative: a summary of the story so far, though somewhat out of date and undergoing a major revision right now. The latest draft will appear as soon as it is available.

Fair Shares: an idea whose time has come?

Smart Money Credit Union: money management for all without it leaving the local community to fill the off-shore accounts of rich bankers.