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Keith Fletcher Profile

Keith is currently Chair of Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association and of Smart Money Credit Union. He has been developing the concept of an ENTREPRENEURS COOPERATIVE for several months and now chairs a steering group to test the feasibility and robustness of such an organisation in practice.

Until retiring from paid work he ran a company, SSSP Ltd., which provided research and development in public service management. The company originally specialised in social services but, as many of the key issues concerned leadership governance and commissioning those, rather than specific service focus, were the areas in which the company latterly specialised.

The sort of work the company undertook is illustrated by the following project list:-

During the period he wrote several books on professional subjects two of which (respectively on negotiation and on partnerships in social care) are still in print. You can see the full list on the books page.

Public Service Career

The first half of his career was a public service professional having trained as a social worker. The positions he held were as follows:-

Other Interests

In the time he has left over from the social housing, social enterprise and the cooperative movement Keith helps run a counselling company Impact Counselling Ltd. He is a member of the Labour Party, contributing where he can to policy development within his area of expertise.

His leisure interests include sailing, music, the history and development of languages and travel.

March 2013